Monday, July 26, 2010

Apple and Citrus Trees

We have a Golden Dorsett Semi Dwarf Apple tree and a Dwarf Velencia Orange tree. We bought the apple tree as a bare root from Home Depot in January. That's the good time for purchasing bare root trees on sale. We planted it and it started sprouting leaves.  That's about, didn't do anything at all. I am convincing myself that it is establishing roots. Here is a pic:

We bought the Orange tree on Mothers day. We transplanted it on the ground and for a couple of months nothing happened. Even the small fruits dropped due to shock I guess. Now I see some new leaves sprouting.

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  1. neengka inga(california) settle aakiteengala? en hubby-kku maram valarkka rompa aasainga.

    nalla muyarsi..ungka marangal seekkiram vaLara vaazthukkal!:)