Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Swiss Chard

I sowed seeds in fall and for some reason they never grew well. Also some pests were eating the leaves. Very frustrating. I sowed some lettuce seeds too but only 2 sprouted. I am planning to grow these in pots and see how they do.

I managed to harvest a few leaves and sauteed them with Spinach. Yummy!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Pink Jasmine

I bought this plant a few weeks ago. It came with a few flower buds and it is supposed to be a vigorous vine. The homemade support I have provided is not enough in a long run, I must replace it with a sturdy trellis soon. The flowers are so aromatic and they smell divine.

Getting ready for Spring

Spring is almost here! I love the different bursts of color the plants have to offer. Saturday, I cleaned our front yard by removing the weeds and adding compost to the soil. It looks much better. On Sunday, I planted some Gladiolus corms. I dug them up in fall and stored in the garage. It's not necessary to dig them up in SoCal but I did it because I want to plant them in a different spot. I will plant some more this weekend.

I dug a 4-6 inch hole, placed the corm root side down, added some compost and filled up the hole with soil. Can't wait to see some blooms at the end of spring or during summer.