Wednesday, November 9, 2011

453 tomatoes and still counting!

The temperatures are crazy here in So Cal. It's been windy, cold and raining. The tomato plants are still growing with new flowers. But I think as the cold weather sets in, the plants will slowly stop producing.

Last 2 weeks' harvest:

I removed all the leaves from the basil plant, cleaned and dried them. Added the leaves to the food processor along with some olive oil, made something similar to pesto and froze them. This will come in handy when I make pizza/pasta sauce.

The tomatoes are in abundance, so I have been freezing and also giving them to my neighbors. I haven't bought tomatoes in the past 5 months.


  1. /I haven't bought tomatoes in the past 5 months./ ஹூம்! குடுத்தவைச்ச அக்கா! ;))))))))))))

    ஹேப்பி ஹேப்பி ஹார்வெஸ்டிங்!:)

  2. Sustainably Modern15 November, 2011

    Looks wonderful!

  3. ooooh I love your pretty purple peppers! They look amazing!