Monday, June 6, 2011

My garlic experiment

I read in a few blogs on how easy garlic grows, so I planted some supermarket garlic in the fall around October. There are 2 varities of garlic, the supermarket garlic falls into soft neck variety. These can be kept for months. I harvested them on Saturday, the tops turned yellow and I thought it was time to harvest. In the hind sight, I think I should have waited till July :) One bulb was completely formed whereas the others were small. Anyway lesson learned. This fall I will buy the right variety from the nursery and try it out. Overall I am happy with my experiment and the kids had fun watching the process from planting the cloves to harvesting the bulbs. Here are some pictures.

Earlier harvest of Indian garlic:


  1. வாவ்..ரொம்ப சூப்பர்ப்...நிறைய விளைச்சல்...

  2. Thanks Mahi, Geetha.

  3. Mahes, Is garlic that easy to grow? can you provide me the steps of growing garlic? Off-late, I'm quite itchy to try my hand at gardening..

  4. SM,
    It is easy to grow but takes atleast 6 months to harvest. You can grow in pots too. You can get garlic from the garden store or try the ones you have at home. Each clove goes into a 4-5 inch hole. After a few weeks you can see the sprouts. They will grow tall and once they turn brown, you can harvest. Hope it helps.