Monday, November 1, 2010


I am very surprised to see the pepper plants producing in fall. We have about 12-15 peppers growing in 5 different plants. There is nothing better than picking them and making sambhar :) So fresh and it's very cute to see my kids checking on them every now and then.


  1. peppers are looking cute! Pepper-kkum season irukkaa enna? I thought it will produce year around!

    In 2nd photo,is that a violet pepper??

  2. Yes Mahi, purple peppers.
    Peppers are heat loving plants. I think they will die down or stop producing in winter.

  3. They r sooo pretty and droolworthy. I feel like eating something with peppers already :)

  4. Very cool. Nothing like fresh peppers at end of season - even in fall. What's purple variery? does it taste the same as green pepper?