Thursday, September 2, 2010


So when I got back from 4 weeks vacation, I was shocked to see my tomato plants. They were so big, grew out of control even with the cages and had huge hornworms. Yuck! Hornworms are large green caterpillars, luckliy none of my tomatoes were affected. I trimmed the plants a couple of days ago but still more work needs to be done in the backyard. Here are some pics:


  1. Hi Mahes,

    Our tomatoes have produced over 2000 lbs already.

    We also have lots of South Asian varieties growing in our green house. We are developing the seeds for the Ontario climate.

    Nice blog.


  2. Vakees - Wow, 2000lbs, holy cow! How do you control the pests, any input is appreciated. We had hornworms and small worms.

  3. அறுவடை சூப்பர்!:)